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ABC developing ex-con comedy with Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael


According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is developing a new comedy from a handful of people that you might know from the world of podcasting, disproving the common theory that everyone on a podcast is either a Paul F. Tompkins or an Andy Daly character. The project is titled Crystal, and it revolves around a woman “from the wrong side of the trailer park” who gets a job in the suburbs as “an in-home health aide” after being released from prison. Then, “despite having no education, experience, or vaccinations,” she tries to turn her life around, which makes it sound a bit like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt crossed with My Name Is Earl. Crystal comes from Casey Wilson, June Diane Raphael, and podcaster Elizabeth Laime, with all three of them acting as supervising producers. Laime will also be writing the script. There’s no word on who will star in Crystal, though, so maybe there’s still an opening for Paul F. Tompkins or Andy Daly.


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