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ABC developing drama that combines Romeo And Juliet with “global jihad”


Hot off solving the mysteries of human sexual relationships with her drama Mistresses (and before that, America’s epidemic of sad, handsome doctors with Everwood), TV producer Rina Mimoun is teaming up with ABC to tackle the problems of immigrant life in the United States. The showrunner is currently developing Indivisible, a story about a recent transplant to New York whose tentative friendship with a devout Muslim neighbor is threatened when, according to Variety, “the love affair between their children sets off a global jihad.”

We’re not 100% sure how a pair of dating teenagers ends up garnering such wide-spread attention—maybe they dislodge the parking break on a car while they’re fooling around inside it, and it ends up crashing into the Israeli embassy or something. Regardless, this sounds like a measured, nuanced take on the issues facing recent immigrants to America, as they struggle to work, live, and date without the ever-present threat of setting off another one of those bothersome international incidents.


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