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ABC developing drama about Yale's not-so-secret-if-there's-a-show-about-it society Skull And Bones

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After producing numerous Presidents, Supreme Court justices, prominent Cabinet members, and various magnates and moguls, Yale’s secretive Skull And Bones society has at last been tapped to join the elite of ABC’s “powerful woman” dramas. The network is developing a new series titled The Order (likely because The Skulls was already taken by that Joshua Jackson movie), about a female student’s initiation into the shrouded-in-mystery-and-constant-attention organization, and that same woman 10 years later, now an FBI agent tasked with investigating it. The show, based on Alexandra Robbins’ non-fiction exposé The Secrets Of The Tomb, will alternate between those two timelines—her young, sexy, Ivy League years, and her more adult, probably still sexy, FBI years—as it delves into all the sexy conspiracy theories about how Skull And Bones members have long sexily exerted their influence over the world. And hopefully by its third season, The Order will start flashing back even further to the really sexy stuff, like William Howard Taft.


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