The food-truck phenomenon that’s swarmed most of the major cities—serving up trendy nouveau cuisine with a blue-collar aesthetic that makes it way more fun, like we’re construction workers!—may be the basis for a new ABC comedy starring stand-up comic Al Madrigal. Vulture reports that former NBC president and Bob Balaban alter ego Warren Littlefield is developing the project with a handful of King Of The Hill writers as a vehicle for Madrigal, who existed in the half-glimpsed shadows of dreams that were the short-lived Jay Mohr sitcom Gary Unmarried. Madrigal would play a man who inherits his family’s food-truck business, and would be informed by Madrigal’s “own experiences dealing with his parents' family business.” (According to Wikipedia, Madrigal worked for 10 years at his family’s “human resources staffing agency,” which is sort of like a food-truck, we guess, in that it doesn’t always answer to city health codes.)