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ABC developing comedy about the (fake, unfortunately) Vice President

ABC is developing a series about a fictional U.S. Vice President, which will take the White House intrigue of The West Wing and swap it for the day-to-day drudgery of attending photo ops, sitting through state funerals, and trying not to say anything stupid. Unfortunately, it will not borrow a page from every modern TV show and present an alternate universe where the Vice President leads a double life as a super sexy spy who’s always ducking out of press conferences to go bust some terrorist chops with his bare hands. Instead, creators Sheldon Turner (Up In The Air) and teen idol turned TV writer Shaun Cassidy have pitched the show as a comedy focusing on the more mundane “office dynamics” and “underdog nature of the veep’s team,” according to Variety, which also calls it “the political equivalent of Glee.”

To that end, a “budding romance” between the office’s female chief of staff and the V.P.’s son will provide the obligatory sex appeal, and we wouldn’t be surprised if one of the show’s main foils is some sort of tough-talking Hillary Clinton clone Secretary of State who regularly ridicules the v.p for his ineffectualness (just like in real life, probably!). And is there any way this show is not going to be a thinly fictionalized take on America’s crazy Uncle Joe Biden? Wouldn’t it be easier—and funnier—just to follow that dude around with a camera?


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