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ABC decides to throw away its Conviction

Conviction (Image: ABC)

In bad news for Hayley Atwell—but hypothetically good news for delusional fans still holding out hope that Agent Carter might somehow drag itself out of the ashes—ABC has announced that it’s canceling Conviction. The show—which saw Atwell play the daughter of a former president, working to overturn old court cases—will finish up its initial 13-episode run, and then make its way to the big ABC Garbage Dump in the sky.

Described by most critics as an aggressively bland attempt to capture the Shonda Rhimes formula despite the absence of Shonda Rhimes. Conviction struggled out of the gate, buoyed along by little more than Atwell’s charisma. The series is five episodes in to its current (and only) run; it remains to be seen how long ABC will keep it on the air.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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