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ABC debunks conspiracy theory that Whoopi Goldberg is secretly hosting the Oscars

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On Sunday, the 91st Academy Awards will air without a host for the first since 1989, and only the fifth time overall. Some lighthearted theorizing on Twitter, however, posits that maybe, just maybe, the broadcast is quietly preparing one of its old standbys as a surprise host. Whoopi Goldberg, a four-time Oscar host, has been conspicuously missing from her hosting gig on The View, with reports saying she’s got pneumonia. But CBC journalist Peter Knegt has some other thoughts on where she might be, ones he admittedly conjured up while stoned.

Yesterday, Knegt reminded everyone that Goldberg said back in December that she’d be open to hosting. He also points out that, in addition to her being the only 2019 presenter that’s previously hosted, she’s been absent from The View since the day after they announced her involvement. She’s been gone for nearly three weeks.


Not long after Knegt posted his theory, a number of prominent film twitterers weighed in on its plausibility.


Before we get too excited, though, TVLine has reported a statement from ABC calling the speculation “absolutely false.” Goldberg’s View co-host Joy Behar also chimed in, kicking off Wednesday’s show by saying that Goldberg is really, truly sick, but “on the mend.”


On the mend or not, Knegt is now pointing out that Goldberg’s name has been quietly dropped from the list of presenters.


Hm. A twist. (Yes, she’s probably just sick, but this is fun.)

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