The neon-colored nostalgia for the alternative nation that’s slowly crept into Teen Nick programming blocks, Urban Outfitters catalogs, and our own articles may soon take shape as an ABC comedy about the reunion of a “super cool” all-girl band from the ’90s. Seinfeld’s Jennifer Crittenden and Scrubs’ Gabrielle Allan are writing the show about a fictional band who enjoyed success in that magical decade—when aloof, guitar-rocking girls in thrift-store T-shirts and baby-doll dresses roamed these plains in abundance—picking up in the present day as the group attempts a reunion 20 years after a bitter breakup. The show would find the “four Gwen Stefanis,” as Crittenden says, balancing their new lives as wives and mothers with their struggling to find new gigs, assisted by the 20-year-old son of their former manager—who is, in the original pitch at least, also a production assistant on Two And A Half Men—and trailed by a documentarian a la This Is Spinal Tap. “Now it’s 20 years later and they’re wearing Sketchers and mom jeans and they’re trying to pursue this dream,” Crittenden says, instantly causing thousands of women in their 30s and 40s to think, “Skechers aren’t cool anymore?”