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ABC cancels Whiskey Cavalier, probably because of that name

Photo: ABC

ABC has canceled surprisingly tolerable spy comedy Whiskey Cavalier, earning it a place alongside Terriers in the pantheon of TV shows that only ran for one season and had weird/bad names. Whiskey Cavalier has also earned a place alongside this season’s already-large pile of canceled TV shows, which includes Speechless, The Cool Kids, The Kids Are Alright, The Passage, The Fix, Splitting Up Together, and probably some others that we’re forgetting about. This comes from Variety, but series star Scott Foley announced the news on Instagram, thanking fans for supporting the show.


It’s a little late to for this to matter, but Whiskey Cavalier (created by David Hemingson and Bill Lawrence) was about a heartbroken FBI agent codenamed Whiskey Cavalier who had to work with an ace team of U.S. intelligence operatives to do fun spy stuff. It also starred The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan as a CIA operative codenamed Fiery Tribune. In retrospect, these names sound like they also could’ve been Pacific Rim Jaegers, but that doesn’t really help.

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