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ABC cancels Ugly Betty; killed by Friday night death slot

ABC does not thank goodness that Fridays are funny anymore. America Ferrera, who has won Golden Globe, Emmy, and SAG acclaim for her role on ABC’s Ugly Betty, can take out the false braces for good, because the series has been canceled. Michael Ausiello at EW announced the news today, just days after it was rumored that Liza Minnelli was joining the cast as a guest star this season. ABC made the announcement early so series producers could finish out the season and craft a satisfying conclusion for audiences.

Ugly Betty, currently in its fourth season, which has been shortened from 22 episodes down to 20, originated in ABC’s Thursday night line-up with Grey’s Anatomy, but was moved to Friday nights for its current season. Ratings for the show then tanked, resulting in another shift to Wednesday nights at the start of the new year.


Friday time slots are notorious cemetery plots for shows. Just look at Fox’s history. The weekend is owned by Hollywood and the big screens, so starting out on a Friday, like Firefly or Joan Of Arcadia, and moving to Fridays, like Prison Break or Southland, are grounds for actors to put a call in to their agents for potential work.

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