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ABC cancels Selfie

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Continuing the annual culling of freshman comedy shows, ABC has canceled Selfie, its Karen Gillan-starring contemporary spin on My Fair Lady that never really got past the knee-jerk aversion to its name. The single-camera sitcom was often weirder and smarter than those attempts to prove its social media savvy, and Gillan and Cho were slowly developing their unlikely chemistry, aided by one of the season’s oddest supporting casts (particularly David Harewood as their uncomfortably intimate boss). Honestly, it was better than it was given credit, even by the low standards of this season.


Still, the numbers don’t lie: After being given a chance to break free of its equally low-rated, recently canceled Tuesday companion Manhattan Love Story, the show’s back-to-back new episodes this past week netted an 0.9 rating in the 18 to 49 demo, and the network has opted not to pick up any more past the 13 already ordered. Right now another new episode is scheduled for next Tuesday, but it’s unclear whether any more will air after that. And so, Selfie joins Manhattan Love Story and A To Z on the heap of romantic comedies spurned by a cynical America. Expect panicked networks to begin seeking new sitcoms where people meet cute, then try to murder each other.

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