ABC has announced that it’s purchased Juvie, a new project from Sam Laybourne, co-creator of The Michael J. Fox Show. The show’s protagonist is described as “a privileged and naive golden boy, who takes a job at a juvenile hall and discovers he has more to learn than to teach.” This suggests that Laybourne is no longer content to merely steal the stars of ’80s and ’90s TV and movies; now he’s taking their plots, too.

There’s no word yet on which nostalgic former teen hero Laybourne will dragoon this time for Juvie. Jaleel White? Sasha “Cody from Step By Step” Mitchell? Noted banana spokesman Kirk Cameron? Whoever it is, we’re sure America is looking forward to recreating its brief love affair with The Michael J. Fox Show by turning Juvie on, then muttering, “Hey, he’s looking pretty good after all these years!” to whomever America is sharing a couch with, and then flipping the channel to something else.