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ABC buys Keenan Ivory Wayans script about humorous differences between black and white people

It looks like Keenan Ivory Wayans will be treading the fresh terrain of racial culture clash comedy on television. Amid the wake of the cancellations for ¡Rob! and Welcome To The Family, ABC just ordered a pilot script from the White Chicks director for a half-hour comedy that will ask what would happen if “the whitest guy in America” were to marry an African-American woman, who has a family full of people who are also African-Americans. Though it’s hard to imagine the full range of possibilities inherent in such a comical scenario, one can assume that the uptight husband will have to engage with his various more boisterous in-laws to some degree, possibly while attempting to speak in their cultural parlance. Will he be forced to dance in front of them? Probably. But besides that, there’s no way of telling where something like this could go. Wayans—whose Fox reboot of In Living Color died on the vine back in January—will be writing and executive producing the project, though it doesn’t look like there are currently plans for him to star.


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