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The Muppets

Despite being too sexy for some people, ABC has picked up its new Muppets series for a full season. That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that the show is getting bumped up to 16 episodes—still a few shy of the usual number for a pickup like this, but apparently ABC wants to save room for some of its midseason shows. The Muppets is reportedly the “highest-rated new series among adults 18-49,” which is good because that’s the only age range that matters to TV people, and it has improved ABC’s Tuesday ratings from last year (when it was airing Selfie) by 69%. It’s also ABC’s “strongest-performing Tuesday half-hour in four years,” so it sounds like everybody is pretty into The Muppets these days. All it took was one well-received reboot movie, a forgettable sequel to the reboot movie, and a reboot TV series to get people back on board with the Jim Henson Company.


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