Much as The CW's Beauty And The Guy With A Mild Case Of Shingles was quickly answered by ABC's own Beauty And The Beast series, the news of the CW's Great Expectations update Expectations has been met not 48 hours later by Legacy, ABC's "sexy soap and modern-day twist" on the Charles Dickens novel. Unfortunately, unlike Expectations—in which Reese Witherspoon will steal its heart away and put ice in its place, "ice" being a euphemism for "network-appropriate female lead character and a new locale of sexy San Francisco"—not enough is known yet about Legacy to deride it properly, other than perhaps the fact that it's executive produced by Debra Martin Chase of films like The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and The Princess Diaries, and that project confirms she reads at least at a seventh-grade level, so good for her. Anyway, we have now officially entered an era where networks mount their own "modern-day twist" adaptations of other networks' "modern-day twist" adaptations, just in case you were wondering about the general state of TV and film development. It's great! Continue having sexy expectations!