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Abby Elliott won't be starring in a Fox sitcom after all

Abby Elliott’s exodus to Fox wasn’t meant to be, apparently, as the Saturday Night Live cast member has just lost the lead in Ned Fox Is My Manny, the sitcom about America’s insane “manny” craze that you have been hearing so much about, to the point where you are like, “Enough with all the mannies! ‘Too Many Mannies!’ is a T-shirt I would buy and wear if I were to find one on Zazzle!” and so on. As previously reported, Nat Faxon will follow his recent Academy Award win by starring as the slacker brother to an uptight single mother, whose home he invades and daughter he instills with his unconventional life lessons, because he is a slacker. Elliott was signed on to play said uptight single mother, but according to Deadline, she found herself “released” from the role after the very first table read of the pilot, wherein producers decided the 24-year-old best known for her impersonations of bubbly waifs like Anna Faris and Zooey Deschanel did not convey “uptight single mother” the way they assumed she would. Elliott is now expected to return to SNL, who will welcome her back with consolatory hugs and assurances that she will always have a place here, despite trying to escape to her very own sitcom on a competing channel. We guess that's how that will work.


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