According to an official press release, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson is set to publish an illustrated book full of the things real and fictional people carry—or probably carry—in their bags. Titled Carry This Book, the book will examine the contents of Oprah’s favorite purse, Amelia Earhart’s pencil case, Bernie Madoff’s suitcase, Martha Stewart’s hand-knit fannypack, and more. Carry This Book seeks to answer life’s most pressing questions, like how many self-tanning lotions does Donald Trump pack in his weekender? What type of protein bars is First Lady Michelle Obama packing in the clutch she brings along to official events? Jacobson is here to let the people know.

In real life, Jacobson’s a much more successful illustrator and artist than her fictional counterpart on Broad City, having previously published two adult coloring books, Color This Book: New York City and Color This Book: San Francisco. Carry This Book will be published by Viking for release on October 11, 2016.