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Abbi Jacobson is making a TV version of A League Of Their Own

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Braving—at rough estimate—six million or so jokes about baseball, and if there’s any crying therein, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Mozart In The Jungle’s Will Graham are teaming up to bring the Penny Marshall classic A League Of Their Own back to TV. Specifically to Amazon, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, which says a deal is currently being finalized to drop the baseball period comedy onto the streaming service’s roster.


Marshall’s 1992 baseball film is generally viewed as a modern-day sports movie classic, propelled in large part by the sibling rivalry between Geena Davis’ Dottie and Lori Petty’s Kit, as well as some great drunk asshole acting from good old Tom Hanks. As THR notes, this’ll actually be the second time the series—which is being pitched (sorry) as a half-hour comedy—has made it to TV; CBS ran its own version, featuring a few members of the film’s supporting cast, for about three weeks in 1993.

Jacobson and Graham, presumably, are hoping this new venture will fare a little better. The duo reportedly reached out to Marshall and Davis for their blessing before moving forward with their plans, which will reportedly include, “the warmth, humor and DNA of the classic film, while taking a contemporary spin on the stories of the women surrounding the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.” The series is also expected to deal with issues of the era, like racial segregation, that were only briefly touched on in the film.

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