The cover to The Beatles' Abbey Road

The studio that helped bring the world stereo sound—and indirectly contributed to an enormous number of very cheesy crosswalk-based photographs—is starting a new project to encourage innovation in musical tech. Abbey Road Studios is announcing the formation of a new “music tech incubator” to encourage inventors seeking to pioneer new instruments and equipment, which the studio has dubbed Abbey Road Red. Besides sounding like the world’s must whimsically British Mountain Dew flavor—or maybe a craft beer at Ringo Starr’s celebrity restaurant—the incubator will offer facilities and mentorship to developers, in exchange for a small share of their profits.

The partnership program has already produced the first of what’s likely to be a fine line of new doodads that walk the line between ”Oooh, cool,” and “What’s the point?”, starting with the Titan Reality Pulse, an electronic pad capable of digitally replicating hundreds of instruments, ranging from harps to guitars to drums. Titan is already preparing to get the pads out to consumers, while the incubator is currently accepting applications for innovators for its March 2016 tenure. So if you’re a musical inventor who’s got some idea to revolutionize the theremin, or create an artificial intelligence that can replicate the sound made by every possible size and shape of coconut shell, now’s your chance to get a foot in on the ground floor.


[via Mashable]