Circumventing the Samuel L. Jackson gossip mill and making the announcement through more mainstream, less badass channels, The Wrap says that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will definitely play Quicksilver in the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Johnson’s casting had been the presumed frontrunner for the role for months alongside Elizabeth Olsen’s the Scarlet Witch, though the potential for conflict with his press tour for that Godzilla reboot—plus the fact that no one straight-up asked Samuel L. Jackson about it—prevented any official confirmation. But supposedly that’s all been worked out now, as Taylor-Johnson joins Olsen as one of the two mutant twins sired by Magneto—as well as one of two Quicksilvers you’ll see on the screen soon, given that Evan Peters also plays him in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. And since Fox and Marvel are reportedly, if privately, kind of pissed about the overlap, Taylor-Johnson’s version will be forced to make no mention of either Magneto or the word “mutant” when explaining why he moves so fast. (“I do a lot of cocaine,” Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver will say, before begging James Spader’s Ultron to just float him another gram, because he knows he’s good for it.)