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one scene of Aaron Sorkin's dialogue hitting you, one scene of your jaw hitting the floor, and one scene where a guy wears a mock turtleneck. Or, in a less jokey and more accurate way, three scenes taken from three very specific points in late Apple founder Steve Jobs' life: As Sorkin tells The Daily Beast, his ambitiously unconventional biopic will take place entirely across three scenes that unfold in real time, each of them set backstage before one of Job's famed product launches—"the first being the Mac, the second one being NeXT after he had left Apple, and the third one being the iPod." Of course, it's also possible Sorkin will eventually move away from confining himself to just those scenes, and the discussions that may have taken place during them that just so happened to have symbolic resonance for Steve Jobs at that point in his life.


As of now, he says, the only thing he's set on is the ending, referencing the "Think Different" ad campaign and its "Here's to the crazy ones…" slogan, and saying, "If I can end the movie with that text and that voice over… If I can earn that ending, then I will have written the movie that I wanted to write." Fortunately for Sorkin, a little-known fact about Steve Jobs is that he prepared for every product launch by running around naked, shouting at inanimate objects for not loving him enough.

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