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Aaron Sorkin plays the superhero field by taking meetings with Marvel and DC

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Gabe Ginsberg)

At this point, both Marvel and DC are in good positions to do some interesting stuff with their many superhero movies. James Gunn proved that a unique directorial vision can go a long way in these films with Guardians Of The Galaxy, and it looks like Taika Waititi is going to push things even further for his Thor: Ragnarok. Meanwhile, DC’s movies are such a mess that it’s probably willing to do anything to keep people interested, including just giving Dwayne Johnson is own film.

Apparently, though, both Marvel and DC recently had the same idea for shaking up their superhero projects, with ComicBook.com reporting that Aaron Sorkin is actually talking with both of them about writing a superhero movie. Sorkin says he’s “never read a comic book” and has no particular affinity for any superheroes, but if either Marvel or DC can present him with something that is really interesting, he’d love to “want to go back and start reading from the first issue on.”


Considering that most superheroes are more about punching and talking than walking and talking, there might not be any characters out there who are really suited to Sorkin’s style. If he does sign on to something, though, it could bring a huge boost of legitimacy to all of this comic book nonsense. Let’s just hope nobody points out that there aren’t really any women or minority writers getting the same treatment Sorkin is, because that just might blow his mind.

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