Steve Jobs was a controlling, controversial technological guru with a tendency toward grandiloquent and even borderline-messianic speechifying, so obviously if anyone’s going to bring his life story to the big screen, it’s going to be Aaron Sorkin. The man has got this whole number-crunching iconoclast thing down to the sort of science that flies in the face of convention and alienates your colleagues, but will ultimately pay huge dividends—just like in The Social Network and Moneyball— so he’s a natural choice to handle Sony’s recently announced film version of Walter Isaacson’s forthcoming Steve Jobs biography, and once more transform scenes of intense typing and staring into compelling drama. Adding to this credentials, Sorkin even had a personal relationship with Jobs, who went so far as to ask Sorkin to please write a Pixar movie about loveable, anthropomorphized monologues. (Or something.) Anyway, Sorkin is still only being “courted” at the moment, but clearly it’s his for the taking, because who else is qualified to do it? Mecha-Sorkin? No, shhh, he is just legend.