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Aaron Sorkin and John Krasinski shacking up at the Chateau Marmont

Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont—where many a movie star, rock ’n’ roll legend, and hotshot author have come together to puke—will be the subject of an HBO miniseries, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A man who knows something about productive partying himself, Aaron Sorkin, has been hired to draft the screenplay based on the book Life At The Marmont, written by hotel co-owner Raymond R. Sarlot and Fred Basten. And a man who it’s difficult to imagine really partying, ever—The Office’s John Krasinski—will likely play one of the major roles, as reportedly he’s been pushing for the project’s development for some time now.

Like the book, the miniseries will explore the hotel’s history over several generations, from its early days as a place where the likes of Greta Garbo, John Wayne, and Bette Davis stayed, to its wild ’60s and ’70s parties with Mick Jagger and Led Zeppelin, and we’re guessing it’ll also touch on some of its famous deaths, like John Belushi and Lindsay Lohan’s career. Wikipedia has a nice roundup of some of the hotel’s most famous memories. If we had to pick one of those that probably won’t make the cut it would be, “The hotel was the site where actress Milla Jovovich said she was going to begin shooting the fourth installment of the popular Resident Evil film series.” Just guessing.


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