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Aaron Sorkin agrees to write the other, Ashton Kutcher-less Steve Jobs biopic

After months of being theatrically "courted," marked by coy flutters of a lace kerchief and goose chases 'round the mulberry bush, we guess, Aaron Sorkin has finally agreed to write the Steve Jobs biopic that everyone already assumed he would when it was announced. Sorkin seemed like an obvious candidate from the get-go, given that his Social Network producer Scott Rudin is developing the adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography, Jobs himself was a professed fan who always wanted to work with Sorkin, and the fact that anytime there is a story to be told of a ruthless iconoclast whose achievements are muddied by a controversial personality and accusations of exploitation, a big red phone rings in Sorkin's study. Anyway, so there are now two Steve Jobs biopics: The one based on an authorized, definitive account with a multi-award-winning team behind it, and the one based on what Ashton Kutcher looks like in a turtleneck.


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