Ever since Better Call Saul was announced, Breaking Bad fans have wondered when all of the characters from Breaking Bad will appear and just make the show into Breaking Bad 2. Even as far back as October of last year, series creator Vince Gilligan was dropping hints that Walt and Jesse would pop up “every now and then.” Even Anna Gunn, who played fan-favorite character Skyler White, pretty much said she’d be appearing on the show.

One actor, though, isn’t so sure about it anymore. In an interview with The Huffington Post (via Zap2It), Aaron Paul said “there’s rumors floating around that I’m going to be [appearing on Better Call Saul], but that’s simply not the case,” adding “to be honest, it’s not gonna happen.” That seems pretty open-and-shut, so it looks like we have definitive proof that Jesse Pinkman won’t be on Better Call Saul.


Except that Paul himself is offering slightly different takes on the subject. In a more recent auto-playing video at the same Huffington Post link, Paul said “there’s no plan of Jesse or Walt making an appearance in the first season of Better Call Saul,” though he acknowledges that they could show up later in the series. Better Call Saul did already get picked up for a second season, so maybe the odds of a little Walt, Jesse, and Saul reunion aren’t so bad?

Better Call Saul doesn’t premiere on AMC until next year, so that gives us plenty of time to talk about conflicting rumors of who will or won’t make a cameo appearance on it.