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Aaron Paul wanders off The Path to do a little Blackmail for NBC

The Path (Photo: Hulu)

Hulu’s already renewed The Path for a second season, but before we get to see whether he makes it out of that room again, Aaron Paul’s going to spend part of his hiatus to help NBC pull off a little extortion. Variety reports that Paul is developing the drama Blackmail for the peacock network. The Breaking Bad alum is executive producing via his Lucid Road company along with Thomas and John Sonntag, who are also working on the script.

Variety has a synopsis, of course, which suggests that the Blackmail title is pretty apt. An unfaithful man somehow hurts or otherwise screws over a young married couple. After some “life-changing accident,” the man is blackmailed by the couple, who threaten “to reveal his infidelity to his fiancée.” But it turns out the extortionists might have messed with the wrong guy, as things quickly go from “sinister” to “game of cat-and-mouse.” Somehow, everyone’s misdeeds will catapult the young marrieds to “power couple” status, so at least there’s a happy ending. That is, unless Blackmail gets a second season in which the newly-minted power players are themselves blackmailed. That’s a lot to get our heads around (bitch).


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