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Breaking Bad

Since Breaking Bad wrapped up in 2013, Aaron Paul has kept busy with lead roles in a variety of projects, from indie dramas like Hellion to action flicks like Need For Speed. Outside of the odd hint that he may, possibly, perchance one day appear on Better Call Saul, there’s been no suggestion that Paul plans to work with any of the old cast and crew from Breaking Bad, although that looks like it’ll be changing soon. The Wrap reports that Paul has been cast in The Parts You Lose, which will reunite him with Mark Johnson, an executive producer on both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

The Parts You Lose, written by Jack The Giant Slayer scribe Darren Lemke, is set in a small town in North Dakota. It revolves around Wesley, a hearing-impaired 8-year-old boy who encounters and befriends a potentially dangerous fugitive. And while The Wrap doesn’t say specifically who Paul will be playing, smart money’s on the fugitive. (Either that, or he’s playing some tertiary character not important enough to warrant mention in the summary.) Whomever he plays, every moment Paul spends on set is another opportunity for he and Johnson to work out a way for him to do a guest spot on Better Call Saul.


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