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Aaron Paul to star in HBO pilot that reminds us Breaking Bad is going to end someday soon

HBO's Cold War drama The Missionary—which, in the style of its co-producers Malcolm Gladwell and Mark Wahlberg, we first reported on back in 2010 by padding it out with pseudoscientific analysis based on presupposed notions, then pulling out our dick—seems to have found its lead, and is thus still happening. According to Deadline, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is attached to the pilot from Gladwell, Wahlberg, and Love And Other Drugs writer Charles Randolph, with Paul starring as a late '60s-era missionary who becomes entangled with the CIA in Berlin, with all the sexy cigarette smoke and snappy fedoras that implies. It's welcome news for Aaron Paul, of course, who definitely seems poised to leap into his own leading role once Breaking Bad wraps up its final 16 episodes. On the other hand, it's a reminder that Breaking Bad is about to end and free Aaron Paul to do things besides play Jesse Pinkman, and therefore we hate this news and would like it to shut its bitch mouth.


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