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Aaron Paul to produce and star in Hulu cult drama The Way

Breaking Bad

Probably as part of a sinister strategy to make cults more likable, Hulu has tapped Aaron Paul to star in its drama The Way. Paul will play Eddie Cleary, who, along with his wife Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), is at the center of a “controversial movement.” Of course, we no longer need that euphemism now that Paul is making cults awesome. Just as Paul made hard drugs cool on Breaking Bad, so too will he convince audiences that it isn’t so bad when many people follow the will of a few without asking any questions. “It’s just punch. Drink up, bitch,” he might say, as viewers nod in agreement at home.

In fact, Paul is so down to cult that he will also serve as a producer on the 10-episode season. His production company Lucid Road Productions has even secured a first look deal with Universal Television, which is producing the show. “That’s too much power for one man,” you might say at first. But then you’ll relax, because it’s Aaron Paul.


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