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Continuing a recent tradition of casting Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul in movies that facilitate the making of drug references, Paul will follow his turn in the indie Smashed with a starring role in Need For Speed, DreamWorks' adaptation of the popular racing video game series. Much like other developing films based on video games where cars go very fast, Need For Speed will feature cars going very fast, with Act Of Valor director Scott Waugh presumably lending a realism and dramatic heft that will establish who those cars are and why they're going very fast. Unlike other movies in which cars go very fast, occasionally furiously, Need For Speed will star Aaron Paul, who plays a TV guy who has his own need for speed—"speed" being a word for a less potent form of "meth," therefore this is sort of funny. "Yeah bitch, cars going fast!" is another thing you could say that would be appropriate and possibly funny.


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