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Aaron Paul promises "closure" in new El Camino featurette

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Screenshot: El Camino (YouTube)

First things first, this behind-the-scenes peek at Netflix’s upcoming Breaking Bad sequel, El Camino, doesn’t have any new plot details for you. Vince Gilligan and co. are determined for you to experience Jesse Pinkman’s post-finale gambit as blind as possible, which we should all be able to agree is a good thing.

Still, if you’re twitching in anticipation for the mysterious tale, there’s plenty here to satiate you for another 24 hours, whether it’s Aaron Paul talking about first receiving the script—titled “SPECIAL PROJECT”—or Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) palling around on set. No, there’s no sign of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White or Jonathan Banks’ Mike Ehrmentraut, but, in flashbacks or spooky spectral form, they’ll be there.

Watch it below. 

Revisit the film’s atmospheric trailer here before it revs into your Netflix queue tomorrow.

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