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Aaron Paul joins Westworld

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Ensuring that we’ll now get to see him bid a hearty “Bitches!” to a whole new roster of virtual recipients (of all shapes and sexes), Deadline reports that Breaking Bad, The Path, and BoJack Horseman star Aaron Paul has now been cast in the third season of HBO’s Westworld. Although the producers on the series are being typically tight-lipped about Paul’s role, he’ll reportedly be taking on a regular role in the season, injecting a little bit more prestige drama DNA into the show’s already prestige-packed formula.


And hey, okay: We know, deep down, that the third season of Westworld almost certainly isn’t going to be about BoJack’s Todd Chavez, wandering around a robot theme park and knocking things over (possibly with a Paul F. Tompkins-voiced Labrador retriever by his side). But until the Jonathan Nolan-produced series actually reveals whatever time-shifted, perspective-twisting nonsense it’s got planned for Paul’s new character—we’re holding out for “He’s his own father, and also an alien”—we can keep hold of our silly little dreams.

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