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Illustration for article titled Aaron Paul continues to do non-emBreaking Bad/em things by starring in new Nick Hornby movie

Aaron Paul’s ongoing quixotic quest to grow beyond Breaking Bad and people who demand that he say “bitch” after everything continues, as Paul has just joined the cast of Long Way Down, an adaptation of Nick Hornby’s 2005 novel about a meet-cute between four suicidal strangers who coincidentally decide to jump off the same building at the same time. Paul will replace Emile Hirsch in a cast that already includes Pierce Brosnan as a scandal-ridden talk show host, Toni Collette as the poverty-stricken mother to a disabled son, and Imogen Poots as an impulsive teenaged girl who impulsively decides to kill herself despite having a lot of things going for her, such as not being named “Imogen Poots.” Paul will no doubt be putting his crying and seething skills to work as a frustrated would-be rock star reduced to delivering pizza. “Yo, let’s all commit suicide, bitch,” he will not say at any point, because we already told you that he’s moving past that.


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