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A24 to screen some of its biggest hits for free in the cities where they were filmed

Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan, hosting a screening of Lady Bird.
Photo: Brad Barket (Getty Images)

Apparently worried that its reputation as a home for critically acclaimed oddball film-making was still somehow insufficiently adorable or quirky, indie darling film distributor A24 announced a new program today, revealing that it’ll soon be hosting free outdoor screenings of some of its most popular films—but only in the cities and locations where they were filmed.

Some of these, obviously, are gimmies: We’ve got Barry Jenkins’ Best Picture winner Moonlight running in Miami, for instance, while Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird will screen in a parking lot in San Francisco. The limiting factor really only seems to be where the company can find a billboard to paint white and show the movies on—which explains why The Witch will be showing in the parking lot of Jena’s Lobster Quest in eastern New Hampshire, and not a 17th century hell forest built from man’s own festering sins. (Parking in parables is terrible anyway, though.)


The first screening—for The Bling Ring, in a liquor store parking lot in L.A.—will run on July 27; you can see the full schedule of A24's “Public Access” program here (scroll down and watch the bottom of the otherwise blank screen to see times and locations for each movie). Meanwhile, the studio’s latest film, Ari Aster’s Midsommar, has yet to be included in the program, which is a shame, since that seems like an amazing way to lure a bunch of dumb tourists into a Swedish forest to do terrible things to them.

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