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A24 releases its latest horror trailer: BREITBART

"We're live…NOW" (Image: A24)

A24 knows its way around a horror release by now; just last year, the Moonlight company put out both The Monster and Robert Eggers’ The Witch. But some forms of terror are scarier than others, and so we suggest the weak of heart reconsider clicking play on the trailer for the company’s latest experiment in existential video horror: BREITBART.


Thrill to the awkward camera angles! Quail at the poorly edited footage! Try not to faint as our protagonist, suit boy journalist Charlie Spiering, questions Trump press secretary Sean Spicer about Trump’s travel ban, while the camera desperately tries to keep track of two entirely stationary subjects.

Okay, so this is really just the Breitbart Sean Spicer interview, recut with some scary sound effects and music to make it all seem spookier. Still, it’s pretty funny for a rising Hollywood studio to get in on the fun, even if the video ironically makes the original footage less scary, because of the presence of some actual professional editing somewhere down the line.

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