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A24 pivots to candles, in case you need one that smells like Toni Collette screaming

Image: A24 Films

A24, the distribution company behind some of your favorite movies from the last few years, is now the distribution company behind some of your favorite candles. If you’re disappointed by the lack of variety offered by those basic schmucks at Yankee Candle Co. and have been longing to fill your home with the smell of sheer terror evocative of Hereditary, then you’re in luck. As spotted by /Film, the official A24 shop is now offering an assortment of movie genre-themed candles alongside some of their more conventional merchandise.


For those of you that would like to live deliciously, the Horror candle might be a good place to start. Unfortunately, it does not smell of butter or goat fur. What it does smell like is mandarin, clove leaf, cypress, suede (like Black Philip’s boots, I reckon), and cinnamon bark. Festive! The inspiration for this candle is said to be “fangs, glowing eyes, remote lakeside cabins, foreboding shadows on walls, bloody knives, low-angle staircase shots, dilapidated houses silhouetted on a hill, black cats.” Do you think those heathens at Bath & Body Works have a candle reminiscent of low-angle staircase shots? Hell no.

A24 collaborated with Brooklyn-based studio Joya for the candle collection, which also features novel scents such as Western, Musical, Noir, Adventure, and Thriller—the latter of which smells of blood orange, tobacco absolute, Russia leather and metal, clary sage, and juniper, so basically it smells like a dad. The inspiration for that piece of work is “fingerprints, ransom notes, cover-ups, bundles of dynamite, ticking clocks, police sirens, briefcases of money, binoculars, open windows with a draft coming in, the edges of buildings and cliffs.” Guess we know what Michael Bay is getting for Christmas.

The price tag for each candles is $48, which is admittedly a bit pricey. You can also buy a smaller set of three candles for $40

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