Photo: Larry Busacca (Getty Images)

Alexander Skarsgard, who made viewers clutch their pearls on HBO’s Big Little Lies, will star in the latest film to emerge from peerless indie studio A24, Variety reports. It’s called The Kill Team and, though it sounds like a straight-to-VHS actioner starring Lorenzo Lamas, it’s actually a feature adaptation of Daniel Krauss’ Emmy-nominated documentary of the same name.

Krauss, who’s also seen two of his films nominated for Academy Awards, will also oversee this project, which features Nat Wolff and Rob Morrow in supporting roles. It tells the story of a young soldier in Afghanistan who, during the U.S. invasion, witnesses other recruits killing innocent civilians and grapples with whether to report them and risk retaliation. Heavy stuff.


This appears to be A24's second foray into the fields of war, following David Leveaux’s 2016 period romance The Exception. The Kill Team is a much more modern story, however, and carries plenty of topicality in its exploration of unchecked power. They’re planning on a 2019 release.