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Back before he was an award-winning multi-hyphenate capturing the hearts and minds of America’s youth, Donald Glover was just another struggling NYU student. He was also, apparently, a pretty big Beastie Boys fan. Recently, a Redditor unearthed some video evidence to support that fact. In the following 11-second clip from a 2004 concert at Madison Square Garden, you can see a 21-year-old Donald Glover (or someone that looks astonishingly like him) rapping along to the song “Three MCs And One DJ.”

As commenters on Reddit have already noted, the inclusion of Glover in the Beastie’s concert film is a “one-in-a-million occurrence,” especially given the fact that the footage isn’t even professionally shot. This show at MSG was the focus of the group’s 2006 concert film Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That, in which they gave camcorders to 50 audience members, told them to keep recording throughout the whole show, and then compiled the footage after the fact. Famously, Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor appear repeatedly in the film, likely because audience members couldn’t resist filming a celebrity. But Glover was a complete unknown at the time. He hadn’t even gained a modicum of internet fame from his Derrick Comedy videos yet. He was just some dude.


Fun fact: Donald Glover returned to Madison Square Garden just a couple months ago. This time, he was the one on stage.

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