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A year later, Showtime picks up Ben Stiller’s Super Sad True Love Story

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Almost a year ago, we reported that Ben Stiller was planning to executive produce and direct a TV adaptation of Gary Shteyngart’s 2010 novel Super Sad True Love Story. No networks and no cast members were attached at the time, but now—finally—Stiller can at least check off one of those boxes. According to Variety, Showtime found Super Sad True Love Story whimpering and alone down at the local TV show shelter, and it has decided to welcome the adaptation into its forever home. Showtime is now developing the series alongside Stiller, with Shteyngart also on board as an executive producer.

Super Sad True Love Story takes place in the near future, and Variety describes it as “a satire of contemporary American values and trends, including the erosion of American political values, the obsession with youth, and the urge to publish personal information through social networking.” There will also be a love story that is both true and super sad, presumably.


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