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A Wii of Microsoft's own on the way?

Wii or Xbox? Soon, the question may be moot: MTV News, of all places, is reporting that Microsoft has been secretly developing its own motion-based controller, based on the wildly popular Nintendo Wii, for its Xbox 360 console. A shadowy anonymous source who escaped Microsoft's fortified compound told MTV that Rare, the studio behind Perfect Dark Zero, is spearheading the project (and apparently running behind).

The source also said Microsoft's design won't incorporate a second controller, a.k.a. the "nunchuck" that comes with the Wii, but is pretty similar to the Wii-mote overall. There's talk that the controller could be ready by year's end, but considering the rampant speculation (and the usual "no comment" from Microsoft), who knows when Xbox players will get to experience the humiliation of pulling a muscle while playing video tennis.


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