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In news that suggests viewers are taking seriously the series’ lesson that disregarding matters of national security makes hot CIA agents want to have sex with you, nearly 100,000 people ignored Joe Biden’s warnings and pirated the season premiere of Homeland over the weekend. TorrentFreak reported that downloads soared mere hours after someone uploaded a workprint of the episode, which was allegedly copied from one of the screener DVDs handed to critics during last month’s TCAs. And indeed, fans were so excited to get back into the super-depressing world of counterterrorism, they were ostensibly willing to overlook the fact that the screener was missing credits—thus forcing them to take out their trumpets and provide their own mournful jazz soundtrack—as well as some special effects, such as some green-screened visuals and the program used to digitally contort Claire Danes’ mouth whenever her character is sad. According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox’s “anti-piracy unit” is currently on the case of stopping the downloads that already happened, a mission that should prove every bit as effective as the Homeland team’s attempts to thwart terrorism.


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