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A whirlwind tribute to the bold, distinctive indie films of A24

A24, a producer and distributor of independent films, has only been around since 2012, but in just four years, the young company has already managed to establish itself as a potent brand name with a string of impressive releases, including (but not limited to) Room, Obvious Child, Spring Breakers, The End Of The Tour, and more. Last September, in a piece for Slate, David Erlich made a case for A24 as a potential savior of the moribund film industry. In a landscape dominated by big-budget, major studio franchise films, generally built on famous existing properties, A24 has proven itself able to make and market “challenging and essential medium-budget movies that most in the business left for dead.” By continuing to make smart choices and support innovative artists, A24 has the potential to be what Miramax was to a previous era of cinema.


A24 | Films Of A Revolution from Fernando Andrés on Vimeo.

One person who is obviously rooting for A24 is filmmaker and editor Fernando Andrés, who has assembled a dazzling, lightning-fast tribute to the company’s accomplishments called A24 | Films Of A Revolution. This four-minute montage, set to songs by Amy Winehouse, Paul Simon, and others, shows just how many striking images and memorable performances A24 has managed to capture in just four short years. This is a subject about which Andrés is obviously passionate. In his statement accompanying the short film, he writes: “This is an ode to the revolution they have started, to the flame they have kindled, and of course, the films they have championed.”

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