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With the rise of dating apps dovetailing with a decline in attention spans, it’s not unheard of for the unattached to schedule multiple dates in one night. Is it kind of shitty? Sure, but it’s undoubtedly economical. One can forgive a person for double-booking themselves. One might have more trouble, however, forgiving someone trying to hook up with six women in a single night.

Such was the case for Lisette Pylant, a newly single 26-year-old who found herself on an undesirable date with a guy named Justin—“$23 at CVS and you can call yourself a pimp,” he says of the sparkly blue cane in his hand—before realizing she was just the first of six girls Justin had invited out for the (Monday!) evening. Instead of making things easy on the would-be lothario, Pylant spent the evening warning Justin’s subsequent dates of his plans, the gathering them together at an adjacent bar for a bit of bonding.


Also, apparently the sixth date had her mom and aunt with her?


The entirety of Pylant’s journey is chronicled in this hilarious Twitter thread, which she then elaborated on to New York. “We’re making a Sister Wives group chat and taking selfies and planning a brunch,” Pylant said. “We’re gonna watch John Tucker Must Die.”

As for Justin? He’ll probably just watch the Entourage movie again.


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