Photo: Henry Guttmann (Getty Images)

Working at a website is wild and confusing, especially for anyone who doesn’t work at a website and occasionally has to interact with other people face-to-face. To try and demystify the fast-paced worlds of internet publishing and movie criticism, A.V. Club film editor A.A. Dowd has stopped by Reddit for an AMA. Dowd will be answering any questions you may have about the year’s movies, what it’s like going to film festivals, his approach to film criticism, and any other things you and/or the people of Reddit have questions about. Do people still ask the question about duck-sized horses? That always seemed like a big hit.

A bunch of Redditors have already posted questions about why Paddington 2 is the best movie of the year, how to get a job writing about movies, and what they should watch on Netflix tonight, so head over to this link and see if you can finally get answers to any A.V. Club or A.A. Dowd-related questions you may have.