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A.V. Club exclusive: Read the first two chapters of Chuck Palahniuk's new book

Chuck Palahniuk—you may know him best as the author of Fight Club—just released a new book today, Tell-All. If you don't want to be one of those weasels who stands around the bookstore trying to get something for free, we've got just the ticket for you: an exclusive look at the first two chapters. Here's the gist, from Publisher's Weekly: "Palahniuk's rude sendup of name-dropping and the culture of celebrity worship revolves around the fate of Katherine Kenton, a much-married star of stage, screen, and television, living in obscurity and searching for a comeback vehicle. Her story is told by Mazie Coogan—her Thelma Ritterish, straight-shooting confidant and protector—whose warning system sounds when Miss Kathie meets Webster Carlton Westward III, who quickly seduces his way into her Manhattan townhouse. It's soon revealed he's working on a memoir about his affair with Miss Kathie, the last chapter of which ends with her anticipated death, the details of which keep changing."

Download chapter 1 of Tell-All.

Download chapter 2 of Tell-All.

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