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A Twitter account is collecting all the visceral reactions to that thing that happened on Game Of Thrones last night

Last night’s episode Game Of Thrones was a big one, containing a definitive turning point in the series, something that readers of the novels have anticipated for three seasons, and those lucky enough to somehow remain unspoiled got blindsided by even with all the heavy portent. You know, that part with the people, where they…oh forget it, either you saw it or you didn’t.

Just like with the original publication of the book, reactions to that event at either extreme are heated, and one Twitter account (with the name of the event, itself a rather pointed hint as to what happens) is collecting all the hyper-negative reactions. Fans of the show who haven’t read any of the books took to Twitter to grieve, decry George R.R. Martin and HBO, and threaten to boycott the show in delightfully outlandish fashion. Martin talked to Entertainment Weekly about why he wrote the chapter, how it subverts fantasy plot conventions, and how he’s dealt with divisive fan reaction since the book came out. But his rational thought doesn’t take any fun away from seeing people lose their shit over an event Martin wrote over a decade ago.


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