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A True Detective deleted scene solves the “mystery” of Rust Cohle’s lousy love life (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The clip has been pulled from the site that was hosting it—apparently, HBO didn’t want this out in the wild just yet.

Much like Detective Rust Cohle, True Detective can’t help but take another look back at the most important case of its career and obsessively wonder if it missed something important. Only a few days removed from the season finale of HBO’s hit anthology crime series, we’re getting what is presumably a glimpse at the DVD extras. A deleted scene offers some intriguing clues about one of the show’s unsolved mysteries. Was there a second Yellow King? Was Cthulhu somehow involved? Did that guy with the Maserati get his car fixed?


Okay, this deleted scene actually doesn’t answer any of those questions (or does it?), but it does reveal how Rust broke up with his girlfriend Lori. Though it wasn’t particularly difficult to guess why the two called it off—given Rust’s entire personality—the clip does a good job of showing how much of psychological toll the loss of a daughter took on Matthew McConaughey’s character. Granted, the finale showed that same psychological toll in a more impactful manner (so this scene was probably cut for a good reason), but who’s going to turn down more True Detective?

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