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True Blood

The sexy vamps and assorted otherworldly creatures of HBO’s True Blood might be singing on a Broadway stage sometime soon. According to The New York Post, HBO is working on a musical based on Alan Ball’s drama. A workshop production of the musical was helmed by director Pam MacKinnon, whose Broadway credits include a much-lauded revival of Whose Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? and a much-derided David Mamet-Al Pacino play, China Doll.

The theatrical version will share some DNA with its television ancestor, as The Post reports that series composer Nathan Barr will occupy that same role. Meanwhile, YA author Elizabeth Scott is responsible for the book and lyrics. The musical has at least one other thing in common with the series—it’s also a little long in the tooth. True Blood ran on for seven seasons before suffering an ignominious death in 2014, and according to The Post’s sources, its musical successor “needs cutting: Act 1 was almost 132 pages.” But at least there’s still time to remedy that problem.


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