The world is only a few months away from the next Olympics, with the 2016 Summer Games set to commence in Rio De Janeiro on August 5. A chosen few will participate. Many more will watch, either in person or on television. And some will giggle as they imagine the leotard-clad gymnasts farting in each other’s faces. Ghost+Cow Films defines itself as “a Brooklyn-based film, music video, and commercial production company,” but that rather bland description makes no mention of the company’s longstanding commitment to flatulence-based comedy. These filmmakers have more than proven themselves as masters of the form with a series of videos in which genuine Olympic events are enhanced with artfully dubbed-in fart sounds. If nothing else, these videos prove that there is no endeavor so noble or admirable that it cannot be reduced to a laughingstock with the addition of some well-timed toots.

The merry pranksters of Ghost+Cow have worked their malodorous magic on a whole variety of Olympic sports. Here, for instance, is gymnastics with farts:


And then there’s figure skating with farts:

Speed skating with farts:


Couples skating with farts:

Skiing with farts:


More skiing with farts:

And, for the truly perverse, luge with farts:


Is there a second joke here, beyond the comic incongruity of trained, disciplined Olympic athletes farting loudly and often during television competition? Yes, sort of. What these videos really do is undermine the pretentiousness and pomposity of the Olympics. Take “Fart Gymnasty” as an example. The added fart sounds are the main attraction here, clearly, but notice how they’ve been timed to fit the solemn commentary from the announcers. “Had to be done without hesitation,” says one announcer after a particularly nasty gas attack. The joke, then, is as much on him as it is on the young women forming themselves into a human pyramid.

[via Laughing Squid]